E05: Why Stretching is Important

In episode #5 of the Health & Performance Podcast, I discuss why stretching is important. As things go, it is a much-discussed subject and often misunderstood. From my perspective, that is because to many people it’s not clear why you should stretch.

Should you stretch to prevent injuries? To be more flexible? Or to run quicker?

And how do you know if your stretches are helping? It might even feel uncomfortable, so why do something that hurts?

That’s why I discuss why stretching is important. And how you and your sports performance will benefit as a result of it.

Why Stretching is Important – Show Notes

In this Health & Performance Podcast about the importance of stretching I discuss:

  • The 4 reasons why stretching is important
  • The effect of mobility on power output
  • The effect of mobility on coördination
  • Why you should stretch for mobility in a separate work-out
  • How to safely start a stretching work-out


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