E02: 7 Symptoms of Overtraining & How to Prevent Them

In episode #2 of the Health & Performance podcast, I discuss the 7 symptoms of overtraining and what you need to track to prevent them. As things go, you can notice overtraining before it manifests itself. By tracking its symptoms you know when you are overreaching (an acute state of overtraining), and you can adjust your training intensity before it’s too late. Listen to the podcast to learn exactly which symptoms you should track and how you can develop a routine in doing so.

7 Symptoms of Overtraining – Show Notes

In this Health & Performance Podcast about the 7 Symptoms of Overtraining I discuss:

  • The difference between overreaching and overtraining
  • The 7 symptoms of overreaching
  • How to track your level of fitness
  • How you can use a smartwatch to track some symptoms of training fatigue
  • How to recover from overtraining
  • What you can do to prevent overtraining

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