Remote Physiotherapy for Rock Climbers

Remote physiotherapy for rock climbers is online via Zoom and with the aid of Physitrack, a remote physiotherapy software product. Physitrack helps me to guide your rehab process efficiently. With it you’ll know exactly how to do the prescribed exercises, track your training frequency, and ask questions all through an app on your phone.

What does a Remote Physiotherapy Treatment Look Like?

Remote physiotherapy treatment consists out of the following steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form by clicking here
  2. We make an appointment for an intake (1 hour)
  3. You receive your exercise plan through Physitrack on your mobile phone
  4. We decide on how often we meet to track your progress, update your plan, and answer your questions. Of course, you can also ask questions in between via e-mail.

How Much Does Remote Physiotherapy Cost?

The intake (first appointment) costs CHF150.

All the appointments after cost: CHF80.

Payments can be made through Paypal or by direct bank transfer into my Swiss Franc, or Euro bank account.

Make Appointment

Please fill out the contact form and I will e-mail you to make an appointment.