I believe you have unique capabilities, talents, and opportunities. But, do you see them? Are you aware of your potential?

About Joël

My name is Joël Broersma and I’m a coach and physical therapist from the Netherlands. I hold a Bachelor of Physical Therapy and I’m an ACELC Certified Life Coach.

As a personal coach I see it as my job to figure out:

  • Your talents
  • Your drive
  • Your motivations and;
  • What gives you energy

And then help you use these capabilities to reach and exceed your goals.

I coach with a broad knowledge of health, movement, exercise, and psychology. I apply scientific principles and use tricks to improve your habits. In the meantime, I don’t forget that you’re also a spiritual being.

I’m fascinated by optimizing human performance, minimalism, traveling, languages, and history. My friends see me as someone who isn’t afraid to make changes and live out his wishes. I’m also stubborn, I love to get up at 05:30, and I’m a fanatic reader.


A little bit more about Joël:

  • Speaks 7 languages
  • Lived and worked in 5 countries so far: the Netherlands, Palestine, Switzerland, Brazil, and Portugal
  • Traveled to more than 30 countries across 4 continents
  • After finishing his studies, he kept learning. About health, nutrition, personal development, psychology, meditation, optimizing human performance, and entrepreneurship
  • Learned a lot from writers like Yuval Noah Harrari, Tim Ferris, Matthew Walker, Dan Ariely, James Clear, and Jordan Peterson

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