About Joël

Hey, I’m Joël, a Physiotherapist working in Thun, Switzerland who specializes in climbing injury rehab and prevention. I help you understand your body, injury, and training to recover efficiently and to prevent re-injuries. Furthermore, I write about climbing injuries, rehab, and prevention at www.rockshoulders.com.

I’m a passionate rock climber myself and am fascinated by climbing as a sport and working with it in a rehab setting. The movement variety and the combination of the physical, technical, and mental make it an amazing sport to focus my physiotherapy efforts on.

I approach physical rehabilitation as an elite sport itself. For success, both you (the client) and I (the physiotherapist) need to work together closely for the best results. I aim to motivate, educate and stimulate you to learn about your injury and the most efficient way to get fit and stay fit.

Curriculum Joël

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